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Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces

Civic & Community Action Groups

White House

We are a constituted group of resident volunteers living in NW Ipswich whose aim is to preserve, protect and improve the green spaces in our area so that the community can enjoy rest and recreation within them.


Local Volunteering opportunity-'Putting something back into your community'

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust Have you ever considered a few hours of volunteering in the community? There is a unique opportunity to join other local people develop Castle Hill Community Centre in Highfield Rd, (near Meredith Rd). ... [ more ]
Glen C
My name is Glen Chisholm I am an Ipswich Borough Councillor in Whitehouse Ward and although it's not specifically in my ward I've had the pleasure of attending various events and seen the diverse range of local groups that benefit from the facility. ... [ more ]

Dales road park meeting?

Daniel J
in Akenham
Hi I was wondering if anyone knew when the meeting was for the park. I'm interested in giving some time and maybe plants to them. But can't find any info for when it is.
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I thought that friends of the dalEs met every Wednesday morning at the dalEs park area. Don't know which entrance. I think that the latest information is on the notice board at the harts carpet end
Daniel J
Thanks guys. Yeah it's every second Wednesday of the month. At 10. Managed to get a good few hours with them. A good bunch of guys.

TESCO Bags of Help grant

TESCO Bags of Help

Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces
Don't forget to vote for us at local Tesco stores.  Voting continues until 13 November at Copdock Interchange, Norwich Road and Bramford Road - every token helps towards getting us a grant of either £8, £10 or £12K.  The more money we get from Bags of ... [ more ]


Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces
in Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces
We are about to embark on our first project, funded by Tesco Bags of Help. Bags of Help offers Community Groups and Projects a share of the revenue from Tesco's single-use carrier bags. The Grants available are for £8,000, £10,000 and £12,000. ... [ more ]

Women's Running Group

Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces
in Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces
Great first session of the running group this morning thanks to our run leader Bella and Kathryn James from Suffolk Sport for funding. We hope to arrange more activities in the open spaces of NW Ipswich in the future.

Friends of Open Spaces in NW Ipswich Tesco Appeal.

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
The Friends group is made up of local residents who are passionate about improving the green areas within NW Ipswich for leisure, sport and health, for all to enjoy. They have been shortlisted for Tesco Bags funding and the amount they could ... [ more ]
It would be nice to know what is the project that Friends of Open Spaces are hoping to get funding for, presumably it's something to do with Whitehouse Park? I couldn't  find this information on the facebook page.
Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces
Hi Madge, thanks for your question about the Tesco Bags funding.  Just to clarify, Friends of NW Ipswich Open Spaces have been shortlisted for funding from Tesco based on their aims to preserve and enhance the green spaces within NW Ipswich. After the ... [ more ]

Ladies beginner running

to (ended)
Whitehouse Park