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Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Martin C
The problem the Ipswich Star have is they are a newspaper. The NBP was news last week, but its not this week, there's nothing new to say about it so they are saying nothing. I would assume at some point they will be publishing the results of their own ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
That is people for you Martin. They jumped on the bandwagon out of frustration as they took ages to get to work etc. Despite it happening to the many of the very same people before on numerous occasions, they have no desire to follow it through.  You ... [ more ]

Street Lights - Are the low energy bulbs as bright as they used to be?

Martin O in Ipswich Town Centre
I regularly travel from the town center to the East of Ipswich by motorbike and have been struck by how poor the visibility is in some areas. Anyone who travels around Ipswich during the home commute will know that no-one gets to travel at the ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Ipswich Ltd, Our Passenger Transport Team have provided the following information: "The screens vary but are all between 190 and 260W power consumption. It is not possible to have the screens power down overnight as someone would have to ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
Hi Claire, this is a great help. Thank you.  Did SCC look into having such timer mechanisms installed? It would be more helpful if they told people "no more buses" especially when it is dark. Bus timetables are not illuminated like the screen is. If ... [ more ]

Another big branch down 28/11/2016

Woodturner in Bury St Edmunds
Here we have another one on Westley Estate, fortunately the children were at school, not sure which authority owns it, but must be one of the big three ? we do not do the online reporting tool ! takes too long and very often does not send, maybe the ... [ more ]
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Amanda K
Hi Seb thanks for your reply. Re: 00155804. Re: 00155581 First ref number is really bad, second one is just an awkward placed pot hole. Thanks Amanda.

Bloodmoor roundabout agian!

Deborah C in Kirkley
Although iam overjoyed that finally we have a new road surface on bloodmoor roundabout i just cant believe my eyes that already we have a problem with the white markings for directions, as you come down bloodmoor road the markings are stated left lane ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi all, Please be advised that you may report any issues with signs and lines via our on-line reporting tool; all comments received this way will be sent to our Highways team directly for their consideration. Kind regards, Seb

Traffic Wardens

apolitical in Trimley St Martin
Given that folks in Felixstowe seem to be able to park anywhere these days without being subject to a fine, except in designated car parks (irony), is there not a call for a group of Felixstowe employed traffic wardens to raise important cash for the ... [ more ]
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What about parking on the Taxi rank . I've seen loads of ignorant people parking on it . The Taxi drivers pay the council thousands of pounds between them in fees to use it but people think it's o.k to use it. They seem to think if they have a blue ... [ more ]

Drainage on Oliver Road

Irene B in Westley
When the drains were being sorted outside Westley School a few months ago I drew attention to the fact that the continually overflowing drain at the junction of Oliver Road and Paddock Close was not being given any attention. I was completely ignored ... [ more ]
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Irene B
Thank you Claire - I do hope your comment about being fixed within 14 weeks does refer to my original comment about the drain on the corner of Paddock Close and Oliver Road. Incidentally with all the parents parking in Paddock Close when they drop ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Irene B, We have passed on many comments from this post about the drainage in this area and are awaiting the information from the technician as to which drainage will be looked at and which works will be carried out - we'll get back to you once we ... [ more ]

Ipswich buses

Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
I have just returned from town on a no 15A bus a young mum got on the bus with a tripper and lots of bags of shopping. People helped her put her shopping on the rack but by the time she reached her stop most had got off. The young lady driving the bus ... [ more ]
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Iain C
Great to hear that there are some interactive and helpful people out there. Out of curiosity though why are SCC feeding back to teams, providing SCC links and commenting when it's Ipswich Buses and IBC? I know they operate what's left of P&R ... [ more ]
Jeremy Cooper MD IBL
Thank you for the positive comments. I am very proud to hear about our team doing a great job, despite the cold and the busy roads. Suffolk do always pass transport comments they receive onto us, even though the services in question are often not ... [ more ]

Street Lights

Stuart P in Claydon
So the parish council have decided to leave street lights on all night as we no longer have "plastic plod" in Claydon. How often did he patrol during the hours of darkness anyway? Another ... [ more ]
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Susan H
I think you have only to see how groups of young people in urban areas congregate in well lit areas such as outside shops, to see that the provision of light is a magnet for people and areas of darkness are less attractive - a policeman once told me ... [ more ]
Stuart P
Having also lived and worked in Hackney, Dalston and Highbury I think Susan H puts the point across wonderfully well.

A12 Road Works

Sheila O in Hopton on Sea
Can any one explain what is going on, on the A12 between Ormanston Academy and Tescos round about, there have been temporary traffic lights almost continuously, along this stretch, for almost 10 months, this last lot are said to be there until ... [ more ]
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Sheila O
Thank you Clare, it just seems there has been constant disruption along that particular stretch for months, new traffic lights, holes, now street lights, in fact, it seems the don'even bother to take the barriers away now, there have been barriers ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Sheila O, You're very welcome. Your frustrations are understandable. Our on line reporting tool is very useful for on going issues like this. If you pop the details down the Highways team will investigate and can keep you updated as well. All ... [ more ]

Black Friday at the tip.

Gordon P in Cheveley
Tried to do the right thing today. Since the council closed the recycling site in Newmarket my nearest is now at Mildenhall. I took an hour out of my busy day,loaded some waste wood and 7 house bricks into the car,burned a half gallon of fossil fuel ... [ more ]
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Thats very helpful. You tell us that there is a site where we can dispose of rubbish, but then say that you are not going to tell us where it is!!! Very strange!! I know where you can get "free money".
I actually know where the free site is, and if any body is interested, please contact me on ''private message'', and have your credit card details ready!

Lane control Signs approaching Bridge not working (Roadside not overhead Gantry)

Vinny P in Pakefield
Hi I have noticed the black lane control posts/Signs are not working as you approach the Bridge in Denmark road or Belvedere Rd. These Illuminated signs tell people what lanes are in use and flash to tell people to get in the correct Lane. I have ... [ more ]
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David C P
Vinny P They don't cover all of it but according to the website given in the link above they do cover the section North of the river. I must admit though, I thought the whole idea was that they had responsibility for trunk roads that went through ... [ more ]

flooded road [high rd west]

Carol C in Thorpe Common
I expect most peple who travel this route have come acoss the flooding outside dykes old shop when we have anymore than 2 days moderate rain. what happened to the old gulley suckers we had up until 15 years ago. to do away with those was a false ... [ more ]
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Bridge road

Suffolk County Council
Good morning to you both, I've had a look in to this for you and Bridge Road is part of the current diversion route for Bloodmoor Road (due to end on 10th December) This may be causing the hold up you've mentioned. In case you were unaware ... [ more ]

Pedestrian Crossing, Wilford Bridge Road, Melton (near the railway station)

Jeannie A in Melton
Now that the new premises for Suffolk Coastal District Council are almost ready for occupation we have to make sure the pedestrian crossing near the station and butchers on Wilford Bridge Road goes ahead.  It was promised, where is it?  This is a very ... [ more ]
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Geof B
To those who are concerned about 'censorship' on this site, I can assure you it wasn't me or the originator of this thread. I think the posts were removed by the Streetlife Moderator, dealing with someone who had breached the terms of use, perhaps:- • ... [ more ]
Geof B
There is some good news on progress with this campaign on the new thread at

Flooded roads

Jason L in Rushmere St Andrew
Isnt it about time something was done about the amount of large puddles that seem to gather after even a small amount of rain?The problem seems to get worse every year!
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Stowmarket Roadworks

Angela B in Harleston
Can mid Suffolk council please tell me how much longer these rediculous rouadworks are going on for? This morning it took me almost 50min to get from Needham to stow, I had a work appointment and needless to say was very late and lost my work ... [ more ]
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Terry B
Two days ago part of a wall from an unoccupied house at the corner of Childer Road and Violet Hill Road fell onto the footpath. Luckily no one was hurt but for safety reasons  Childer Road has been blocked off. There is a sign at the Finborough Road ... [ more ]

Recycling changes

William S in Bury St Edmunds
We received a leaflet with the new, but perhaps not improved, recycling rules. Some changes have been flagged as such, but there is ambiguity relating to battery recycling. It's not indicated has having changed, but my reading of the leaflet is that ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi William S, Our Waste Management team have come back to advise that the leaflet sent this week is intended to clarify what can and cannot go into your recycling bins across the whole of Suffolk. The key message of the leaflet is that batteries ... [ more ]
The battery bags that hang on the bins , seem to be few and far between, and indeed just get lost, especially in the  weather we getting at the moment ! a small strong self standing metal bin, beside the bottle, cloth bank containers might work ? just ... [ more ]

? Road Closure In Bury St Edmunds

Vivienne C in Middle Green
Is anyone able to help.  A short while back I read that the old road into Bury St Edmunds is going to be closed for Bridge repairs.  Its the one on the first roundabout just before you go into the 30 limit.  I have a neighbour who needs to know for ... [ more ]
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Sunrise M
Looks like the bridge is likely to be shut from 13 February 2017 to 7 April 2017 (but obviously that can change/extend).
Vivienne C
Thank you Sunrise M.  That is just what I needed.  It has certainly gone on for a long time and still will.  I will make a note of those dates which I realised are subject to change.  Cheers

School Parking

John W in Claydon
School parking is a problem.The parents come in from surronding area and park in York Crescent and surrounding area.This then becomes a problem for people in these areaes. Can anything be done to stop this. 
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Lisa H
Great then we will live in a town instead of a village with 100's of large cars containing 1 child, the village will be a death trap! How many new houses in Great Blakenham but no sign of a school!
Nadine H
He told me that was because each development in Gt Blakenham was below 600 houses and so they only had to pay into the education fund rather than building a school. It is because of the mistakes made in Blakenham that i think they will push for over ... [ more ]

Station Square flooding.

Brian E in Camps Heath
Once again the roads on Station Sq. have been flooded this week. The pedestrian crossing from the Docks across to Tuttles Corner Cafe has water across one lane causing problems using the crossing & at the traffic lights on the left . Who is ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Good afternoon all, To let you know I've contacted Highways England and they will address this issue as soon as possible.  PTP - one of the main reasons we advise to self report is so that way you would receive direct updates by providing your ... [ more ]
David C P
Suffolk County Council That's brilliant and better than producing and distributing a static map as it can easily be updated at minimal cost.

Chaos on roads again!

Simon B in Buxhall
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! 3 road closures, 3 diversions (2 use one of the other closed roads), poor signage and a town who don't read signs! Well done SCC (daresay you'll blame utilities though). Station Road East Closed, ... [ more ]
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Mafia Mumma
It's not just Stowmarket with poor signage - utility companies should realise "road closed" isn't sufficient. They should say which road, and whereabouts on that road, and should check that there aren't other diversion signs in place at the time they ... [ more ]

Ipswich Public Toilets

Peter Holloway in Bath Side
Do we have the only Bus Station without a Public Loo in it? There was one promised when the Bus Station was re-vamped, recently, but the only one there costs a fortune to enter, with only ONE loo for both sexes. Personally, I always go to the new one ... [ more ]
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Robin B
Biggles , mate , haven't you realised , subject threads have no relevance. Tangents Rule OK At least te new Buttermarket  toiletssmell good , better than the old ones and BHS, Lowestoft fish market smelled better

Suffolk Recycling Centres annual customer satisfaction survey

Suffolk County Council in Suffolk County
Suffolk Recycling Centres annual customer satisfaction survey is taking place from 24 October to 20 November 2016. We would love to hear about your experience of using the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Suffolk. Your anonymous feedback will ... [ more ]
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Andy R 12
Sadly no one watches the contractors SCC simply go out tender take the cheapest price . The contractor does the bare minmum he can get away with and its only when the press latch on to any thing does the councillors respond. The waste centres are ... [ more ]
Stephen M
Just had a Freedom of Information response to my question involving the costs of House Hold waste disposal around Bury St Edmunds.  £ 5 Million  plus or minus a few quid. Astonishing figures for such a very poor service.

Traffic lights and yellow lines bottom of Nelson Road

Stuart S in Rose Hill
What is our dear council doing this for .Not enough lights already. Scandal and complete waste of our money . Bottom Nelson road opposite the Fat cat ! Discgusted and very annoyed !!!
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Suffolk County Council
Hello, This is UK Power Networks work; they updated this morning. They  are using traffic management -Stop/Go boards instead of lights.  You can stay up to date with all roadworks/highway incursions  on I hope ... [ more ]

Gipping road leaves

Arthur C in Darmsden
Who is responsible for the clearance of leaves along Gipping Road in Great Blakenham? The side that runs along the Sackers fence has not been cleared for at least the last two years. Is it Sackers as most plants & trees are routed on their ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Arthur C, Mid Suffolk District Council's Street Care team should be able to help with this as there is a section on their website about the clearing of leaf and blossom fall. I hope that helps - Mel