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The official Streetlife profile for Suffolk County Council.
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Drainage Improvements Along Melton Road

Alan P
in Melton
JANUARY 2017 DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS ALONG MELTON ROAD BETWEEN JENNERS CLOSE AND HACKNEY ROAD STARTING 3 JANUARY 2017 Suffolk Highways will be carrying out drainage improvement works along Melton Road between Jenners Close and Hackney Road. The ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Alan P, We have had an update for you from our contractors. ‘The Wilford Bridge works were postponed to allow for the Christmas period and have been re programmed for the 16th January to avoid conflicting with the Woods lane works which were ... [ more ]
Alan P
FURTHER UPDATE ON MELTON ROAD DRAINAGE WORKS Melton Parish Council has been notified by Suffolk Highways that the planned works to improve the drainage in Melton Road will now recommence for three weeks on 20 February 2017. Some initial work has ... [ more ]

More pot holes in Stanningfield

Sue R
in Bury St Edmunds
Pot holes in Stanningfield were repaired in the Autumn of last year and they are fast appearing again!!!  Stanningfield sees a  high volume of heavy vehicles, i.e. tractors, sugar beet wagons and buses so it would be sensible if the pot holes could be ... [ more ]
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Sue R
Thank you Ed S and Sam of Suffolk County Council.  I will try but to be honest there are far too many to give exact locations.  If cars are damaged by these potholes who is responsible?
Suffolk County Council
Good Afternoon Sue R,  Please see here on how to make a highways insurance claim.  I hope this helps.  Sam

Rectory Road - Day of Dance

Zoe W
in Blyford
I notice that Rectory Lane is closed. Does anyone know if this will still be the case on April 1st or do I  need to re-plan parade route for day of dance. Also I have had two 3' x 2' Banners printed . I shall put one on the railings to the entrance ... [ more ]
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Peter G
Rectory Lane roadworks to end 14 Feb. according to the website. they are replacing gas pipes, no delays they say.

Continuation NBP part 3

in Castle Hill
Streetlife closed our debate down --Northern Bypass for Ipswich which had around about 650 hits plus -- our second heading -- Continuation NBP is about to be shut down also with about 370 hits -- we are now awaiting the out come of talks this spring ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
Are Orwell Ahead planning any sort of campaign for public office? An independent candidate in the GE for instance? I'm sure they would gain a lot of local support given the mess caused by the squabbling between the two councils. There are plenty of ... [ more ]

Princes Street

in Castle Hill
I regularly walk up and down Princes Street. Since the road was reopened after (no doubt very costly) block paving and pavement relaying, the road has become nothing more than a car park. Both sides are now always full of parked cars. On the side ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
Good point Ron. The only retail outlets in what should be a prime spot that i've seen have been ones selling market standard tat. I hope that if millions is spent revamping the Cornhill that the market is moved. Otherwise, what's the point? Cornhill ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
I have been trying to get the council to properly utilise the Cornhill. They aren't interested. SCC gets a bad press for hating Ipswich but at least they admit it. IBC act as if they care about the town and let it deteriorate.  Ipswich Entertains ... [ more ]

Help! More Road Misery

PTP in Oulton Broad
Just seen signs stating that Bridge Road OB (north direction) is closed to traffic from Feb 20 for 6 weeks , sure this overlaps Bascule Bridge night time closure. Look out Commodore and Caldicott Roads the HGV's they are a'coming
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Pot holes

Christine M in Stoke Park
Am I the only one to notice that all the recently repaired pot holes all along Belstead Rd are breaking open again? Why can't things be done properly in the first place?
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Suffolk County Council
O J M,  Birkfield Drive is on the forward works programme, however no date specified. To report any defects or other problems on roads/junctions, please fill in the Highways Reporting Tool . Regards Claire

Street Lights Fordham Road

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Suffolk County Council
Hi Tracey H, Thanks for your further comments - I have passed these on to our Street Lighting Team. As before, we will let you know as soon as we have any further information on this. All the best, Claire

Appalling bus service - No 2 Westley

Irene B
in Westley
Just sat in the cold today outside Boots for a bus that didn't turn up 😡Or rather turned up saying not in service. Then we got told by someone else in the shelter that as from 16th January there will only be a bus from 9 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday ... [ more ]
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Irene B
I went to sign the petition at Ridley Road last week and was told it had already been sent, but don't know where it was sent to.

Grass verges

Kennth P in Lowestoft
Just before Christmas the council or highways people came  and cleared the grass out of the gully between the path and grass verge down both sides of the avenue.  Good we said.  But what did they do with all the turf they took up they left it in ... [ more ]
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Pothole Violet Hill Road

Hazel E in Harleston
Before Christmas someone on here flagged up a pot hole on Violet Hill Road and Suffolk County Council posted it was being allocated and they would keep us updated. Said pot hole is still there and has got much larger- was pretty treacherous during the ... [ more ]
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Street lights

Nimrod in Pakefield
New street lights have gone up pakefield estate, ship road area. And these are perthetic.this estate has bungalows and the lights shine right in,now I can see in my bedroom without the light on, old people live on this estate and now moaning about this,
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Anthony M
The problem with the old lights is that most of the light did not go where it was intended, i.e. the road and pavement. The result was a lot of waste and light pollution at night. The new lights are much better: brighter, cheaper to run as LEDs ... [ more ]
Vicky C inactive
Came home from work Friday and the Street Light Fairies have replaced the light outside our house! Very different to have a white light outside but I'm sure we'll get used to it :)

Illegal Parking in Arras Sqaure

Martin C
in Priory Heath
Everytime I walk through St Stephens Lane/Arras Square now there seem to be more and more cars parked there. Its got a lot worse since BHS closed.  I assume they are all parked illegally but why is no one enforcing the restriction here? And if there ... [ more ]
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Hummm. Something is not right here. SCC say the restrictions can be legally enforced from the 3rd, and IBC are isduing tickets on the 2nd! Maybe just a dry run.... :-)

Also Sunken Drains

Alan H
in Broke Hall
There also is a massive Sunken Drain on the Main Road at the entrance to Maidstone Road this has been here for god knows how long and is a disgrace. Luckily enough Ive only driven in it once because I know its there but someone will lose their ... [ more ]
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Rushmere Handyman
Too many cars is the problem in the UK. There is now no solution imho. I do not ever got into Ipswich now . I have a Coes Account and pay into it monthly , i have not been there for 3.5 years and that is an easy shop to get to and park. I will go ... [ more ]
Graham F
Last summer I noticed new motorways being carved through rock and into new tunnels whilst travelling from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian. I wondered then what do we get. All that happens in the UK is recommendations and endless enquiries, elsewhere ... [ more ]

Pavements Two

Bernard P
in Felixstowe Ferry
The previous thread on pavements closed so.....  The Spar Shop's entry in High Road East has developing pot holes that would do the A14 proud. Particularly these dark nights and mornings remember this post and watch your step as you cross the dropped ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Bernard P & ExSudbury, Our technician has responded to your comments: An interim temporary repair has been carried out to make the footway safe. A permanent repair is expected in the next few weeks. This will be monitored closely. It has been ... [ more ]
James S
Now that is funny, there was recently a large article in the EADT where Mr highways (Mr Finch) was proud of the fact that they were going to save money buy not doing temporary fixes and that they would fix problems first time on a single visit. So ... [ more ]

Local council telephone survey?

David R
in Felixstowe
Had a phone call this morning from Jamal saying he was doing a survey about (As far as I remember) local shopping and leisure facilities. Didn't have time to do the survey; just wondering who else has been contacted. 01642680947 ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Good afternoon to you both, If you suspect this is a scam, you can report it to Suffolk Trading Standards on 03454 040506 or by using their on line form. Alternatively your local district council Suffolk Coastal, can be contacted via 01394 383789 ... [ more ]
Janet A
I also received a call requesting I take part in this survey.  I thought it might be a scam so I told him I was going out and did not have time.

Cycling on pavements: Should it be allowed?

Robbie R
in Blundeston
My rant for the day: I have just read on the BBC News website the following statement -  'Police in one London borough have said they will not prosecute cyclists who ride on the pavement, but is the decision a good move for safety and will it be ... [ more ]
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Jenny I
I too would be happy to sidestep for considerate cyclists, however I am deaf. I do not hear a cyclist coming up from behind, I cannot tell the direction a sound is coming from, I would hear a bell but not many cyclists have them or would use them ... [ more ]
We regularly walk into the town centre from Pakefield and walk back again, quite happy to move out of cyclists way on the shared footpath and we really do appreciate an acknowledgement, but we are amazed at the number of pedestrians who insist on ... [ more ]

fly tipping in Beccles

Arthur L in Beccles
** please SHARE** My quiet country lane - specifically WOOD LANE in Aldeby has been used YET AGAIN, by ignorant, lazy, stupid fly tippers. unbelievable that some one, I guess from the items actually two people, can do this, SOMEONE MUST KNOW WHO THIS ... [ more ]
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Eddie C
More fly tipping at the entrance to the closed recycling centre at Beccles. With the cost of a 20 mile round trip to the pakefield recycling centre and the cost to WDC of continually attempting to keep this area clean, surely it would be beneficial ... [ more ]
Manx M
Eddie C   -  I agree wholeheartedly with your post, but of course that takes common sense and it is rather lacking in the department wherever that decides on these matters.

Traffic control

David T
in Stowmarket
More traffic lights at the top of Hollingsworth road I hoped they were fixing the road but they are digging up the path
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Simon B
Another case of the county not taking responsibility. They are the Highway Authority and are ultimately responsible for all street works! Time and again they say not us, rather than dealing with and managing issues contractors are causing on their roads!

Elizabeth Avenue potholes

Keith P
in Down Field
I was pleased to see three vans at the entrance to Elizabeth avenue, preparing to fix the road. I was hoping it might be the start of something big, although it was cold and raining and I wondered if that was the best conditions for asphalting. ... [ more ]
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Hi Claire. thanks for the update, its the same all over the country the Highways engineers patch the potholes the frost destroys them so resurfacing (costly I know) is the best cure. Reminds me of the 20 ton loads of hot tarmac I use to haul.

Concrete island.

Janet N
in Onehouse
Has anyone have an opinion about this concrete island at the junction of Ipswich road and Hillside. If you have a long fronted car it can be impossible to see when it is very dark, a lighted post or bollard would be a tremendous help, anyone agree ?
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Suffolk County Council
Good Afternoon Janet N, I have reported this matter to our Highways Team for them to investigate under reference 159378. We will provide an update once received from our Highways Team. Have a good afternoon, Samuel

Upper Orwell Crossing - Ground Investigations

Ipswich Ltd
in Ipswich Town Centre
Last week Suffolk County Council put in an Planning Application (16/01121/FPC) to undertake ground investigations for an Upper Orwell Crossing. An daily (Mon-Fri) 24 hour operation for 4 months is going to terrorise local residents (streets below), ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Ipswich Ltd Hi Ipswich Ltd, Just heard back from the team, no they weren't specifically invited to attend the DCC this morning, but they are going to provide some convenient dates to get together and engage. Thanks, Matt, Customer Service.
Ipswich Ltd
So, IMT is showing resistance to the concept of an Upper Orwell Crossing yet they weren't inviting to a scheduled meeting to decide a planning application for the first step of it? Sounds very like local politics in action, however, going by ... [ more ]

Suffolk School Admissions Portal - What a Palava! Please help....

Balkees J in Brightwell
I have just registered myself, got an account and tried to "add" my child's name and details to apply for a school. The deadline for applications is 15/Jan, so I thought I had better make an application. Unfortunately, the portal won't save child's ... [ more ]
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Iain W
What a ridiculous situation where users are prevented from using a local authority system simply because they use an Apple computer rather than a PC.  Wake up SCC there are many operating systems and browsers out there.  If you require someone to use ... [ more ]


Tracy W in Thistley Green
How much longer is that dirty old mattress going to remain on the Aspal Lane Nature Reserve? I can't work out if it's been dumped/fly tipped or if the Council have found it somewhere else on the reserve and moved it to near the grass cuttings to be ... [ more ]
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Tracy W
I have heard back from Fields in Trust but although they protect the land, the ownership remains with Forest Heath so I have now passed the message on to them.

Flood updates

in Camps Heath
Both bridges are closing at 7 pm Coaches are going to be at south pier to ferry any marine parade residents to Carlton Coalville community centre from 2 pm if you need help 034560328141 Transport to others centres also available after 2 pm
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Eddie C
Sonia B, thanks for the information. Is it possible to ask questions about the capping stones? After all they are there for a reason and as such need to be secured against rough seas. Where the securing measures adhered to in the construction or were ... [ more ]
David E
Given the immense power of Mother Nature I would be surprised if any such stone would be able to withstanding the beating they get from a storm surge...look how much damage the 2013 storms did to very heavy stones / wall that had been there for ... [ more ]