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Continuation NBP part 3

in Castle Hill
Streetlife closed our debate down --Northern Bypass for Ipswich which had around about 650 hits plus -- our second heading -- Continuation NBP is about to be shut down also with about 370 hits -- we are now awaiting the out come of talks this spring ... [ more ]
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I emailed Mark Ling and within 10mins received a phone call -- I contacted Mark because I found out he has his own website and is in favour of a NBP and has been for along time -- he told me a lot in confidence which would be wrong of me to pass on ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
I am not sure how they assemble their cabinet - does anyone know? Is it simply a case of handing out sweets to people of their liking? This goes to show how much of a shambles the operation is... a leader plus 8 cabinet members... Suffolk population ... [ more ]

Concrete island.

Janet N
in Onehouse
Has anyone have an opinion about this concrete island at the junction of Ipswich road and Hillside. If you have a long fronted car it can be impossible to see when it is very dark, a lighted post or bollard would be a tremendous help, anyone agree ?
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Suffolk County Council
Good Afternoon Janet N, I have reported this matter to our Highways Team for them to investigate under reference 159378. We will provide an update once received from our Highways Team. Have a good afternoon, Samuel

Appalling bus service - No 2 Westley

Irene B
in Westley
Just sat in the cold today outside Boots for a bus that didn't turn up 😡Or rather turned up saying not in service. Then we got told by someone else in the shelter that as from 16th January there will only be a bus from 9 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday ... [ more ]
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Irene B
I have just emailed a few people on the estate and phoned people so hopefully everyone will do the same and maybe a poster could be put up in Westley Club. Also someone could mention it to Suffolk Radio as not everyone reads this site. It might be too ... [ more ]
Robert Everitt Cllr
Just to let you know we will be delivering leaflet from Monday, posters will be attached to bus stops and play areas, and the press has been informed, so if you could also spread the word, that would be great. thank you all for passing on the word.

Also Sunken Drains

Alan H
in Broke Hall
There also is a massive Sunken Drain on the Main Road at the entrance to Maidstone Road this has been here for god knows how long and is a disgrace. Luckily enough Ive only driven in it once because I know its there but someone will lose their ... [ more ]
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Marilyn C
Just looked on SCC website at reports for Ashdown Way. Several reports including one of young cyclist falling off bike because of pothole. All reports seem to be marked as "Closed". It appears that SCC definitely need to look at this a bit closer. ... [ more ]
I stand corrected. I have just walked down Ashdown Way and one, yes one, pothole has been filled in although it looks like a Blue Peter job, sticky tape and glue. Any odds on it lasting to next Friday?

Pavements Two

Bernard P
in Felixstowe Ferry
The previous thread on pavements closed so.....  The Spar Shop's entry in High Road East has developing pot holes that would do the A14 proud. Particularly these dark nights and mornings remember this post and watch your step as you cross the dropped ... [ more ]
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That is so true Bernard P. While we may dislike tax rises we should know that costs increase on a personal level so why should national and local authorities be exempt? I applaud removing wastage but there is now a situation in Surrey where there will ... [ more ]

Traffic control

David T
in Stowmarket
More traffic lights at the top of Hollingsworth road I hoped they were fixing the road but they are digging up the path
Suffolk County Council
Hi David T, This is BT installation, they are due to finish here on 31 January. You can stay up to date with these and all other roadworks at  If you are concerned about any road/path defects, please can you report these to the ... [ more ]

Upper Orwell Crossing - Ground Investigations

Ipswich Ltd in Ipswich Town Centre
Last week Suffolk County Council put in an Planning Application (16/01121/FPC) to undertake ground investigations for an Upper Orwell Crossing. An daily (Mon-Fri) 24 hour operation for 4 months is going to terrorise local residents (streets below), ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Ipswich Ltd Hi Ipswich Ltd, Just heard back from the team, no they weren't specifically invited to attend the DCC this morning, but they are going to provide some convenient dates to get together and engage. Thanks, Matt, Customer Service.
Ipswich Ltd
So, IMT is showing resistance to the concept of an Upper Orwell Crossing yet they weren't inviting to a scheduled meeting to decide a planning application for the first step of it? Sounds very like local politics in action, however, going by ... [ more ]

Illegal Parking in Arras Sqaure

Martin C
in Priory Heath
Everytime I walk through St Stephens Lane/Arras Square now there seem to be more and more cars parked there. Its got a lot worse since BHS closed.  I assume they are all parked illegally but why is no one enforcing the restriction here? And if there ... [ more ]
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Suffolk School Admissions Portal - What a Palava! Please help....

Balkees J in Brightwell
I have just registered myself, got an account and tried to "add" my child's name and details to apply for a school. The deadline for applications is 15/Jan, so I thought I had better make an application. Unfortunately, the portal won't save child's ... [ more ]
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Iain W
What a ridiculous situation where users are prevented from using a local authority system simply because they use an Apple computer rather than a PC.  Wake up SCC there are many operating systems and browsers out there.  If you require someone to use ... [ more ]


Tracy W in Thistley Green
How much longer is that dirty old mattress going to remain on the Aspal Lane Nature Reserve? I can't work out if it's been dumped/fly tipped or if the Council have found it somewhere else on the reserve and moved it to near the grass cuttings to be ... [ more ]
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Tracy W
I have heard back from Fields in Trust but although they protect the land, the ownership remains with Forest Heath so I have now passed the message on to them.

Drainage Improvements Along Melton Road

Alan P
in Melton
JANUARY 2017 DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS ALONG MELTON ROAD BETWEEN JENNERS CLOSE AND HACKNEY ROAD STARTING 3 JANUARY 2017 Suffolk Highways will be carrying out drainage improvement works along Melton Road between Jenners Close and Hackney Road. The ... [ more ]
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Alan P
Jeannie Yes MPC plan works in the field to drain the boggy area. We will see the effectiveness of the road drainage works first in order to be certain the capacity is there to take additional water. Once that has been proved we will take action, ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Alan P, We have had an update for you from our contractors. ‘The Wilford Bridge works were postponed to allow for the Christmas period and have been re programmed for the 16th January to avoid conflicting with the Woods lane works which were ... [ more ]

Flood updates

in Camps Heath
Both bridges are closing at 7 pm Coaches are going to be at south pier to ferry any marine parade residents to Carlton Coalville community centre from 2 pm if you need help 034560328141 Transport to others centres also available after 2 pm
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Eddie C
Sonia B, thanks for the information. Is it possible to ask questions about the capping stones? After all they are there for a reason and as such need to be secured against rough seas. Where the securing measures adhered to in the construction or were ... [ more ]
David E
Given the immense power of Mother Nature I would be surprised if any such stone would be able to withstanding the beating they get from a storm surge...look how much damage the 2013 storms did to very heavy stones / wall that had been there for ... [ more ]

Gin bottles

Terry B
in Curlew Green
Serious situation ongoing down footpath rear of Samundham Primary School. Lots of empty gin bottles discarded in Brook and bank. Don't know who us throwing these down but there are lots. This has been going on for a while now. Strange.
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Andrea G
Carolyn - I'm always up for some litter picking (shifts allowing) my husband and I sometimes litter pick the woods above the estate, the council are always happy to provide bags if anyone wants to collect them.
Hi Andrea, brilliant, thanks for offering to help. If you'd like to send me a private message with your telephone number I'll give you a shout when the next one's arranged. The council have kindly given us five litter pickers which has made things ... [ more ]

Ice and snow

Suffolk County Council
Hi Nora T, Using these instructions, you can view the priority gritting routes at, the roads will be labelled P1 or P2.  The gritters did the P1 and P2 routes overnight last night and are doing the P1 roads again this afternoon. ... [ more ]

Parking at Beccles station

Shirley T in Beccles
Could someone please advise me  who to contact about the difficulty of parking at the station for train travellers. I go to London twice a month and in the past have always been able to park in the station car park. Not any more. The car park is full ... [ more ]
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Anne S
Wendy I meant as opposed to parking at Beccles station for free. I too drive to Diss as It's nearer to where I live. But if you live further out than Beccles and have to drive all the way to Diss to park (£5 all day) it not only eats into your time ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Eddie C, We have had an update from the team for you regarding the pedestrian crossing. ‘Suffolk County Council continues to liaise with Network Rail, Waveney District Council and local developers to take this scheme forward. We anticipate ... [ more ]

Third Crossing - 'No Time to Waste' from June 2015.

Adam R
in Kirkley
In the Lowestoft Journal edition of the 26th June 2015, we got told by Peter Aldous, Colin Law (Leader of the District Council) and Colin Noble, that there was 'no time to waste' in ensuring that the Third Crossing, will be delivered by 2020. David ... [ more ]
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Adam I doubt you will get the answers you want in relation to the Single Market etc as the Government haven't got the faintest idea where it's going. As for Devolution...that is complete farce.
Adam R
Allenby: I agree with you. Peter Aldous tweeted me that we didn't need to be in the Single Market, but in one of the reasons giving the Third Crossing, NSIP Status, was that it would have a link to a Trans European Network-Transport route in the shape ... [ more ]

leeks hill footpath

Teresa B
in Ufford
Does anyone know what is going on with the footpath that comes from Fernhill Close down to leeks hill.                                                                                                                                                     ... [ more ]
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Alan P
Hi the. Footpath that has been adopted by SCC. Goes down the road. It was me who collected the evidence forms to get the right of way properly established. I was concerned that the way through from Leeks Hill to Fernhill Close should be a properly ... [ more ]

Bloodmoor Rd (Suicide Roundabout )

Alan (Scotty)
in Carlton Colville
Well Well Well. The mental suicide roundabout has been resurfaced and the crossing moved 30ft. Big deal. Here are the positive points. Lovely new surface. Safety barriers. Nice new lights (Eventually) Negatives. . The road markings from Long Rd onto ... [ more ]
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If it was signed as 'SIXWAYS' at least drivers would not be confused by the multitude of exits. Personally I am not aware of another sixer , no doubt there is, but Highways don't know how to sign it .

Third Crossing

Mr Bojangles
in Lowestoft
According to latest reports, the third crossing has been put back until 2022 at the earliest. Did not our prime minister of the day, David Cameron,  make a statement and actually make a promise, giving his 'word' that the 3rd crossing would be built ... [ more ]
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Rachel D
SCC thank you for your response I have now forwarded it onto the most recent topic  entitled."Third Crossing" & "Green Bin Charge".
Janet W
I cannot see them parting with 30 million when other services are stretched to the limit we will have to wait and see I am not convinced .

Ipswich buses

Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
I have just returned from town on a no 15A bus a young mum got on the bus with a tripper and lots of bags of shopping. People helped her put her shopping on the rack but by the time she reached her stop most had got off. The young lady driving the bus ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
I think Alex was referring to buses generally - but it was important to make the distinction as with the title of the topic. Chrissie W, this is the man running the bus company...

Hamilton Road

Colin W
in Henny Street
Can anyone answer a legal question for me? The road from Station Road to the bus station is Bank Buildings. The road from the end of that to Great Eastern Road going past Cakebread Robert Yard is Hamilton Road. Looking at that, moving the bus ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Colin W, If you could private message us with your email address, we can certainly ask the Highways team to investigate your query and then provide you with an answer via email.  Kind regards Mel

Traffic Lights in Wickham Mkt

Michael D
in Parham
We now have traffic lights (temp) on the hill outside the George Pub so does that mean something is about to be done with the eyesore at last.?????
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Ray L
The properties affected (including our own) were without power for over 13 hours on Christmas Eve but they managed to repair the underground cable by about 6.30pm just in time for Christmas. Repairing the pavement is obviously of less a priority.
Bruce W
Thanks for clarifying the facts, it is the same old story, one company digs the hole, another does the repair and then the first firm comes back  and fills the hole in when they are ready.

A Topical Subject = DOG MESS

Den M
in Pakefield
While walking my dog today from the far west of Broad View Road, Oulton Broad to Caldecott Road, I encountered no less than SIX lots of mess and in one case it had been spread across the entire path.  None was there yesterday and appeared to be ... [ more ]
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Adam R
Robbie R: I stand corrected and I apologise for accidently misleading anyone on here. So speak to Colin Law, who is a Councillor for Oulton Broad!!
Sue Ben
i agree with you nothing  worse treading in dog mess i have a dog of my own i walk,and the amount of times i see it on the footpaths,we cut our grass verge outside and then people let there dog go on it,i think also the people that pick it up then ... [ more ]

dog mess

Barry W in Carlton Colville
someone let there dog shite all the way down burnt hill road  yesterday morning as at 715am it was there on right hand side towards going to garage on beccles road your house is the same I bet you dirty filthy sod
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Ursula J
There are bins provided but dog walkers leave the mess I simply don't understand the logic  they have bagged it then leave the bag???
Suffolk County Council
Good morning all, Waveney District Council will be able to help you with this. They can be contacted via or 01502 562111. Kind regards - Claire

Continuation NBP

in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Have just started the third part of this debate off under the heading of -- Continuation NBP part 3  --  have a gander folks --
Ipswich Ltd
No need to drop buzzwords like "Brexit", it has been fact checked that on average farmers make more money by subsidy than agriculture and this isn't safe in the future as the EU subsidy is likely to disappear. It is highly unlikely that the government ... [ more ]